The Generator Of Your Life: Honda Generator 3000 Watt

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Are you in store for a Honda generator 3000 watt? Why Honda? Because Honda is the best in terms of Asian generators. Why generator? I do not know. Perhaps you need to power something that is very far from your house or you need to have a backup power in case the electricity around your house is out. Why 3000 watt? If you have a big house and you want to power almost every essential stuffs in it, 2000 watt would not be enough (for a small house though, 3000 is overkill. Do not ever think of buying a 3000 watt generator of any brand if your house is a modest one).

If we are done with the prologue, let me introduce to you a generator powerhouse that is capable of powering nearly every essential things in your house: EU3000is. This powerful portable generator is very capable of delivering the best of the best to your house, and I will write the reasons why you should choose this generator if you are looking for a 3000 watt generator. Check out below:

Why should I choose EU3000is?

I have a reason why you should choose this one: Honda. Honda is known as an automotive company in the world, but they did not stop at making cars and motorcycles only. They could create portable generators, and their portable generators are often top notch. Their EU2000i is deemed as the best honda generator 2000 watt portable generators out there, and their EU3000is is there too to claim the title of ‘best 3000 watt generator’.

This portable generator is capable of running up to 24 hours with a single full tank. If you think that is awesome, I should add the fact that EU3000is is capable of delivering up to 3000 watts of power to your appliances. This would mean if you own an RV or if you live in one, the generator could power your tools, heaters, ovens, and the air conditioner of your RV. You do not have to worry about being hot inside your RV with this generator on.

Another reason to get this generator is the fact that you could connect this generator to another generator of the same type, you will get double the power! If you have another EU3000is, you could connect it using an extension cord and you will have 6000 watts to use. Why? Because in this world, 3000 watts just would not cut it.

connect 2 EU3000is generator

Now if you live in an RV or if you use generators to power your whole house, there goes a time when you sleep. With a powerful generator such as this, there is a chance that the generator will be noisy, right? Wrong, mates. This generator barely produce any noises or hums that could disturb you. You would not have sleepless nights with this generator, and that is a bliss.

Then how about comparison this unit with another type ? for an example yamaha 3000 generator ? you can check video below.

How to connect 2 portable generator ? you can check on link honda 3000 generator manual.

If the reasons above are not enough, I have one last thing to tell you. With generators other than EU3000is, your electronic appliances risk getting destroyed by the generator power surge (yes, generators have them, too). EU3000is is fitted with an inverter technology, and with it, your electronic appliances would not be put to risk.

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