Onan Generator Parts

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Genuine Onan generator parts are produced according to the exact product specs, which guarantee the maximization of the lifespan from the power generator and its power output.

These generator parts consist of tune up packages and filters, and could be obtained from qualified Cummins Onan Recreational vehicle service and components dealers, and also through the Cummins Onan web store.

Original Onan generator parts are advised by Onan which claims they provide performance and sturdiness, plus they consist of:

Onan Spark Plugs – Genuine spark plugs from Cummins Onan are correctly gapped for the Recreational vehicle generator engine, right from the manufacturer. Spark plugs from other suppliers might be larger sized as they might be specifically gapped for automotive engines. The life span from the spark plug could be reduced when regapping, if the ground strap is bent and are not able to completely cover the electrode.

Onan Spark Plugs

Onan Air Filters – Genuine air filters from Cummins Onan are made to include special foam pre-cleanser that is specifically utilized in Recreational vehicle generators.

These come suggested over other air filters that could consist of light density filter paper which may lead to the hardening and damage of sealing surfaces as time passes, therefore enabling the inflow of impure air to the intake system in the generator.

Onan Air Filters

A tiny bit of dust can lead to the wearing out of cylinders and piston rings eventually. Additionally, it might be difficult to get replacement filtration systems for more mature electrical generator versions which include pre-more clean.

Onan Oil Filters – Recreational vehicle oil filters from Cummins Onan are made with valves that make it possible for the bypassing of oil beyond the oil filter during the cold start, or in the case of the filter becoming plugged.

Onan oil filters come suggested over others that might not have bypass valves, which may lead to bad gaskets or motor damage, when debris is stuck, resulting in starvation of oil pressure and oil demands.

Some oil filters might feature the bypass valves, but might be unable to decide at what PSI the valves will open. In the event the setting is simply too high, the paper aspect in the oil filtration system might be harmed during a cold start, therefore causing a failure or perhaps starvation of oil to the generator.

Onan Generator Accessories

Cummins Onan also offers a type of Energy Command accessories which capabilities remote power control panels to allow much easier control of the Onan gas, diesel and LP generators.